• May 26, 2022

2012 Consciousness Shift – Right Brain Vs Left

Today, you don’t have to search too far looking for information and various viewpoints about the 2012 phenomena. From countless books, movies, websites and TV shows, they all have added to the growing storm flood swirling around just waiting for someone to jump in. (May I suggest taking a life preserver just in case you become overwhelmed by the rushing torrents!) Some offerings are sincere and in many ways, accurate with their predictive assumptions based upon long standing ancient prophecies of indigenous peoples. Allot more of these messages and especially the main-stream media versions focus on the cataclysmic elements of the event-story line.

While I personally believe the scientific communities’ evidence is quietly proclaiming major earth changes are not only occurring now, but they are accelerating and growing at a disability placard much larger, rapid pace. This important life changing component of the 2012 subject is critical to understand, but it is only a passing part of the entire process. If one really wants to dive in and get a better grasp on the earthly changes subject matter, may I suggest looking into the topic of a geographic pole-shift.

This scientific fact is not to be confused with an associated event that is, a magnetic pole-shift which most scientists know, magnetic fields on earth normally fluctuate often. Much of the catastrophic, mountain-moving, continent sinking events that are geologically proven to have occurred at specific time intervals in earth’s past are the basis of recent Hollywood movies. So, I cannot totally disagree about the likelihood of just such an event’s possibility; yet, if you do understand the “why” you are in a position of knowledge reducing fear thus better able to help yourself and others if such an event occurs.

Finally, one more item regarding the 2012 time-line. We live in a world primarily driven by our calendar time systems and much of what we now do requires us to be observant of such. So, to expect with utmost certainty that on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 that all hell is going to break loose, I believe you will find that you have been misled. Consider this current shift of the age as a birthing process which will span a couple years past 2012 possibly into 2014. We are now well into the birth pains and to an uninformed outside observer, this time looks like chaos and pain which being true, it is. But to the informed and consciously awake, the joy of a new life full of promise is soon to emerge into the light of day.

Now that we have set aside a major geological, scientifically and historically accurate probability of just what may happen during this shift of the age we are now in, I want to address the here and now. It’s important to get a grasp on the internal changes within each of us that are at the heart of the matter for all humanity. For in doing so, I believe we will all be in a much better position for the really important turning point in Earth’s and humanities entrance into the Golden Age.

For approximately the past 5,125 years and even further back to almost 13,000 years ago, we have for the most part, been living a handicapped life. This handicap while a natural process has been orchestrated by our dominating left-brain’s inherent capacities and minimal influence from our more spirit connected right-brains.

All the evidence now available from the ancient wisdom of our past to today’s scientific discoveries combined together, corroborate a simple fact- the human race is now experiencing a quickening of our evolution in consciousness. This is no small feat by any measure. Beyond the 2012 doom and destruction portrayed to the masses, our real destination and the bright promise of an entirely different world is becoming possible because we are now returning to spirit-mind-body wholeness. I suspect many readers realize they are eternal, spiritual energetic beings which by choice, are experiencing through physical embodiment “life” here on this planet.

It is through these bodies we indwell that have restricted our abilities to easily access all of our infinite being. Thus, handicapped we have had severely limited abilities and a degraded conscious awareness of our complete, all empowering eternal Selves. What was once out of reach for so many now is becoming a moment-by-moment transformation of Self made possible through reawakening and reconnecting to our true, higher Selves. Through a balanced functioning of our brains, combined with our hearts primary role, we are quickly becoming trans-human.

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