• May 23, 2022

3 Best Review Fire and Ice Slot Machine 2021, Fun and Exciting

Fire and Ice slot machine is an interesting game online with sticky wilds from game developer Amatic.

As you know, online slots become more complicated every year and therefore more difficult to understand. A slot machine with six different bonus games has long been no exception.

However, there are many players who prefer simple, straightforward slots.

Fire and Ice Slot Machine Review

The Fire and Ice slot has 6 reels and 20 paylines. Good news: all combinations count from left to right and from right to left.

1. How Does Fire and Ice Work?

The symbols are classic: Bar, 7, melon, grape, orange, plum, lemon and cherry. The bell counts as a wild symbol (joker).

On reel 1 and reel 6 you will also find a star. If you spin both stars in one spin, the Fire and Ice bonus game will start.

In addition, you will then receive 7 free spins. Not much, but any wild symbols you spin during the free spins will remain throughout the bonus game. So sticky wild.

With a bit of luck, during your last few spins, almost the entire screen is full of jokers. Cash register!.

2. The 1000 Spins on Fire and Ice

We always play  1000 spins with real money for the slot reviews. This Fire and Ice slot, we played with a bet of $1 per spin.

It takes more than 100 spins before the first bonus round starts, but it is also worth the wait. During the 7 spins, 8 sticky wilds appear on the reels. The profit: $60,50.

In any case, the bonus of Fire and Ice is very lucrative. On average, we won $53.63 and never less than $35.60.

Unfortunately, the bonus does not appear very often. In these 1000 spins only 6 times, so about once per 166 spins.

Nevertheless, the highest profit does not fall thanks to the bonus, but simply in the base game. Three rolls full of jokers and a few well-positioned grapes are good for $80.50.

The counter is at the end of the test session at $58.50 loss. That’s not too bad, considering the total stakes. In addition, one extra bonus round would probably have been enough to play quitte.

3. The Result from The Game

After we played for 1000 spins in the game, we got some results.

  • Result after 1000 spins: $58,50 loss
  • 5 highest winnings: $80,70 / $72,45 / $69,40 / $60,50 / $45,95
  • 6 times the free spins bonus

In conclusion, the Fire and Ice slot machine has one big plus: the extremely exciting bonus round. Thanks to the sticky wilds you can take a prize of many hundreds of times your bet.

The downside is that you do not get that bonus round so often. The base game can bring big prizes, but is very, er, basic.

However, if you like not too complicated games that look like old-fashioned slot machines, then Fire and Ice will probably please you.

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