• May 28, 2022

How to Find Qualified Mobile Electronics Professionals in Your Area

The variety of car electronics is vast and includes everything from car alarms to in-car DVD players. The range of people claiming to be experts in the field of car electronics accessories is also large. However, not all “experts” bring the same level of skill and professionalism to the job. If you are looking to improve, customize, or add on to your car’s various entertainment and security systems, you need to make sure that the shop and the individuals you turn to know what they are doing and will provide you with the best products and services possible. There are various certification and trade affiliations that will help you separate the top professionals from the rest. Researching these elements ahead of time will help you pick a pro who will provide you with exactly the service and products that you want.

In terms of certification, look for a shop that has MECP-certified staff. MECP stands for “Mobile Electronics Certified Professional.” This label means that the technicians have passed a written exam and fulfilled the professional experience aspect of the certification process. There are Boston Airport Limo Service different levels of MECP certification including Basic Installer, Advanced Installer, Master Installer, and Mobile Product Specialist. While some of these are more advanced certifications than others, the MECP program is designed to put technicians on a track to constantly improve their skills and technical expertise. MECP-certified professionals must re-certify every two to four years, which means they stay up to date on current developments in the field and maintain a high quality of workmanship. They are also encouraged to pursue Master Installer status as long as they remain within the organization. When you employ an MECP-certified professional, you know that they will have the knowledge and expertise to do high-quality work and will provide you with the most current products and installation techniques for your car DVD player, car stereo, or car GPS system.

In addition to MECP certification, other outside affiliations to seek out when you’re looking for a pro to install anything from an in-dash navigation system to a customized car audio video system include connections with trade organizations. Trade organizations represent the actual products in the mobile electronics industry. This means that professionals who are associated with trade organizations have access to the most current items on the market, as well as information on how to install and service them. Some of the major trade organizations in the mobile electronics industry are: MERA (Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association), ICE (In Car Experts), and SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association). A shop that is a member of any of these organizations (or better yet, several) will be able to bring you absolutely the best products and service available for all your car electronics needs.

It is interesting how negative personal experiences with an organization can make you reconsider different areas of our day-to day work experiences and reactions. The following case has made me focus on what we can do when deficient customer service directly effects us.

Four years ago, a family member purchased a second-hand Mercedes Benz A Class (2005 model) from an employee of an authorised dealer for M-B in Madrid, Spain. The car had been serviced by the M-B dealer and the log book showed that all the required maintenance has been carried out properly. The car was always garaged and had never been on bad roads. In August, 2013, with only 74.000 Km of use, the car’s automatic gear box broke down and badly damaged the car’s transmission which resulted in a bill for 1.484,83 euros just for the repair of the transmission. The gear box was, fortunately, covered by a special policy with our insurance company which covered the cost of the replacement gear box. Obviously, the damage to the transmission would NOT have occurred if the gear box had not been defective and caused the breakdown.

Since the car had such a low milage, The family member & I immediately contacted the M-B dealer in Madrid and asked if it was normal for one of their cars to break down with such a low milage and did they think it appropriate that the client should have to pay for the repair when it was obviously a manufacturing defect. After all, one does not expect a M-B to break down after such a small amount of use! The response from the Customer Service Department of the dealer & M-B Spain was basically “Bad luck, the guarantee has expired… so… , not our problem!”

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