• May 23, 2022

Review of Samsung M02 Price, Design, Display Size & Performance

The Samsung M 02 is a basic variant of the higher-end Samsung MHD touch screen smartphones that was launched some weeks ago under the budget range. The budget friendly device from Samsung falls into the mid-range category and it does not feature a fingerprint sensor. Instead, the phone features a large touch screen, a high battery, and a dual camera set up. The camera phones from Samsung are a hit with people who want to take pictures and videos of themselves or others.

The Samsung M02 offers a five-rows life span on its widescreen and it has an attractive and crisp display that gives you bright colors. You will also love the Samsung M02 price tag as this smartphone comes with a value for money package Samsung M02 . It has an attractive design with an aluminium frame and textured back that gives it a nice glossy look. The metallic finish on the Samsung M02 looks great and matches most of Samsung’s other smartphones. On the soft touch bottom of the Samsung M02, you can find a slot for the SIM card which is easy to insert.

Despite having only a 5.2 inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy M02 offers a bright, sharp and vibrant QWERTY keyboard and it responds quickly to your commands. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy M02 has a fast processor, powerful RAM and the Adreno chip which can boost the speed of your device. The Samsung Galaxy M02 offers a speedy mobile web browsing experience along with plenty of memory space. Add to this all the powerful hardware and software and you have the perfect device to play games, enjoy movies and even work on the internet.

As Samsung have a reputation for making high quality phones that come at a reasonable price, the Samsung Galaxy M02 comes with all the same features as its bigger brothers. It comes with a quad-core processor which is sure to make your surfing and playing on the net a joy. Also, you get a fast charging battery which is guaranteed to give you enough power to get through a full day. Add to this the fantastic non-removable 2GB of memory which makes it perfect for people who like to keep their device as slim as possible.

If you want to add to the power of your device, the Samsung Galaxy M02 also comes with an accelerometer. The accelerometer can be used to measure the resistance of your device against different activities. It measures the rotation speed and measures the pressure as well. The impressive 2GB of memory will allow you to store a lot of data, ensuring that you never run out of things to show in your new Samsung Galaxy M02.

The Samsung Galaxy M02 has a stunning design that incorporates a gorgeous display which looks fantastic, but the best part of this device is undoubtedly the camera setup which it comes with. You get a good six mega pixels camera which has an amazing auto focus system so you won’t miss a thing. The Samsung Galaxy M02 also comes complete with the necessary connectivity devices such as a micro USB cable, headphones and even an ear phone so that you can take as many calls as you like. The battery on this model is quite large at 5500mah which means that you should expect plenty of talk time before you need to recharge it again. To top it off, the Samsung Galaxy M02 has a unique capacitive feature which means that you will not experience any dead zones. This means that your screen will always be clean and spotless no matter what you are doing and that is why this handset remains one of the most popular handsets on the market.

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