• May 28, 2022

Which Methodology Will Make Me a Great Project Manager?

It’s true, being a good project manager starts with the fundamentals of having a robust methodology in place, but even with that there are other crucial elements such as appropriate systems and experienced people that are required to support the methodology PMP certification. Without them the project can fail spectacularly. It should be said though that a good methodology is the right place to start.

Over the years, as project management has matured and developed in its complexity, a number of methodologies have been developed to help assure project success.There are a number of common project management methodologies in use as well as many thousands of derivatives that have been based on these. You may find that your organisation has adapted a commercially available methodology to fit your organisation’s peculiar needs.

A project methodology is essentially a ‘road map’ or ‘recipe’ to follow to ensure all the right processes are in place to achieve project outcomes. A project methodology enables project managers to organise, manage and control projects so that they have the greatest chance of delivering the right outcomes, on time and within budget.

Methodologies ensure the approach to project management within organisations is consistent. The aim is to ensure results can be repeated across projects. It’s just like following a recipe which improves the chance of the food tasting the same each time. However, having the cookbook is not all that is required. Would you expect the same food from a recipe followed by a high school cooking class as you would from a master chef?

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