• May 28, 2022

 Why Stun Guns Are the Best Form of Self-Defense

 Why Stun Guns Are the Best Form of Self-Defense

If you think about it, women are attacked many times more than men. They are assaulted every day in every city. According to statistics almost 80% of attacks are .38 special ammo  aimed at women. The purpose is robbery, violent acts or sexual assault. The reasoning is due to women being considered the weaker sex. Even though they may not always be, the odds are usually in the man’s favor when it comes to physical strength. This can be taken care of quite easily. Instead of becoming the next victim, even the odds by getting your own stun gun. High Voltage or Higher Voltage? There are stun guns that will deliver up to 1.2 million volts to your assailant. Of course these are larger than the regular stun gun. Instead of having about an inch and a half between the contacts this one has about five inches. If however, you want one that is easily concealed you can purchase a mini stun gun which still packs a lot of power. They have about 80,000 volts and this is enough to make them stop and reconsider.

Why Stun Guns are the Preferred Defense Solution

Although there are many self defense solutions – you can learn one of the martial arts, some other form of self defense or carry a gun. However, the choice of most women is a stun gun. They feel that this is a sufficient method of protecting themselves and it is small enough to conceal. Stun guns are preferred because the effect is quick and will give them time to get away.

Another great thing about using a stun gun is they do not require a particular skill such as learning how to shoot a gun. This simple, easy to use method of protecting yourself is one of the top preferred self defense methods. Make sure to check and see if your state allows the use of stun guns for ordinary citizens. In some states this is not legal so it is best to check first.

One of the things that you will want to consider when purchasing a stun gun for protection is the lifestyle that you have. Do you live alone? Do you work nights or work in a bad neighborhood? There are many aspects of your life that need to be taken into consideration when deciding if a stun gun is the right choice.

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