• May 21, 2022

Your Accredited Online College Degree

Anyone who has been on the Internet for more than a couple of months has heard and read a lot about Online College Degrees. So, if you have already decided that an online college àm bằng đại học chất lượng or university degree is definitely the right degree for you, you still have one more thing you need to check on before signing up. This one requirement, above all else, will be your most important consideration. You must insure that any course that you enroll in has been accredited by a recognized academic accrediting agency. Your courses must be Accredited Online College Degree courses. If they are not accredited you could find yourself spending the next few years studying for a worthless piece of paper. You will most certainly not be awarded with worthwhile credit hours for work you have done and your graduation certificate will have no value in today’s marketplace.

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What is accreditation and why would anyone need it?
Accreditation is a systematic organization of course content, presentation, and testing that Universities, Colleges and institutions of post-secondary and higher education embrace to guarantee the value of the content of their courses. Accreditation is an evaluation and certification of the content of an institution’s courses when, combined with other factors such as the efficiency and quality of the courses, determines and acceptable educational standard. This is usually done by extensive reviews of the educational courses and of the facilities an institution offers to its students.

Who does the accreditation?
The methods and procedures used in the accreditation will vary from country to country. Many countries have government bodies set up to provide accreditation. In the United States accreditation can either be done on a national or a state level. Accrediting agencies are usually private educational institutions which have been recognized by the United States Department of Education.

The content of the courses must be consistent with the academic quality, improvement and accountability expectations that the accrediting agency has established and they must also include an eligibility standard agreed upon by the degree-granting institutions comprising the group. Performance of the courses can also be measured against national performance or statewide performance benchmarks.

In the United States the Accreditation providers are private institutions so it behooves you to insure that the courses or school you plan to attend are accredited by a well rated institution. Unless it is a widely respected and acknowledged accreditation institution then it is best to look elsewhere. It is important to note that this information is available on the Internet and can be readily found by a judicious search on Google, Yahoo, and or MSN, among others. Hint: Do a search on “education accrediting agencies”.

Accreditation is extremely important. It gives you value for your educational efforts and it also provides future employers a measure with which they can evaluate your degree. Getting a degree which is not accredited is not going to benefit you in any way. It may not be recognized by employers or even other educational institutes. Any credits earned through your coursework may be worthless, and you may not be able to transfer them to another university or college.

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